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We’re proud of our IT support team with such a diverse set of skills including Accountancy, Development, Database Administration, Support, Business Analysis and Project Management.  Our retention level is extremely high offering consistency and familiarity for customers old and new.

Our Values

Our Story

Founded in 1993, B-Plan Information Systems develop, deliver and support innovative software and services that harness latest technologies to help customers manage effectively and drive down business cost.  B-Plan recognise that an essential element of delivery is to understand the challenges and issues facing customers and then frame the appropriate solution in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our range of adaptable IT support solutions are capable of transforming business and help forward thinking organisations to embrace change.

B-Plan provide leading edge software solutions that address the ever-changing needs and demands of public, private and non-profit sector organisations including enterprise financials, performance and quality management, business intelligence as well sector specific solutions such as enterprise banking. Our range of services help organisations reduce implementation timescales, lower cost of ownership, and increase return on investment.

At B-Plan we are committed to making a real difference through the provision of IT services and support solutions.

Our Products and Services

We provide leading-edge IT solutions across multiple sectors.  Our flagship products are NetSuite, the worlds #1 ERP business software solution and Aptos, our on-premise financial product suite.

With years of experience of development using many platforms, we can take on any project requiring any one of the following:   Uniface; .Net; C#; DevExpress.

Our experience means we and can take on the role of Project Manager and deliver you a perfect working solution

Having worked on databases for many years, we can offer our clients a full database administration service or simply ad-hoc database projects.

Our Customers

Why Work With B-Plan?

B-Plan have years of experience of implementing finance systems and make a point of getting to know the clients’ specific requirements.  With our expertise in development and IT support B-Plan can ensure that the system delivered is the system which is right for the client.  

Having designed, implemented and supported many clients in many sectors over  decades we know that our clients feel confident that we value their needs and requirements.  



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