Aptos Financial

Aptos Software – over 30 years of development.  

On premise core financial solution used by multiple public and private sector sites both in the UK and overseas market.

Implemented in Education, Health, Retail, Financial and leading businesses.

Fully customisable solution which can be as simple or complex as demanded. Aptos Software. O

Aptos Overview

Aptos Software Overview

Flexible and efficient finance system incorporating Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Procure to Pay, Sales to Receipt, Multi-Dimensional Ledgers allowing data to be viewed from summary balances down to transactional levels.
Fixed Assets module, Bank Reconciliation and Cash Book.
Data Loads, both automatic and manual.
Flexible and easy to use reporting tools to extract data in various formats.

Aptos Journal Entry

Journal Entry

Aptos can have as many ledgers as required. Journals are multi-currency and can be posted across entities. Transactions types ensure no data input is omitted and offer a high degree of analysis.

Aptos AP Inv Entry 1

Invoice Entry

AP invoices can be entered on-line or via batch mechanisms or using document management.
Includes comprehensive handling of BASDA compliant e-Business invoices.

Aptos Budget vs Actual 1

Budgets vs Actuals

Unlimited number of budgets and forecasts many be defined to enable real time summary enquiries and reporting. Budgets and forecasts can be prepared externally and loaded into Aptos.

Aptos SBE

Ledger Structure

No limit to the number of ledgers available.
User definable ledger naming principles. Self balancing entity means month ends are easier and quicker as posting from AP and AR ledgers to the GL ledger are not required.
Alternate combinations structure to enable reporting at hierarchical levels.

Aptos Analytics


Leveraging our experience in business intelligence to empower you to present Aptos data in different and meaningful ways. Giving the necessary data to the right person at the right time in the right format to aid timely decision making and enable users within the organisation to access their data easily and efficiently.

Aptos Workflow


Fully integrated automated business process engine.
Key approval processes are controlled by customer defined requirements
Multiple levels of authorisation gives control over key processes
Enables process performance analysis via KPI's

Purchase to pay

Purchase to Pay

Aptos manages the whole purchase to pay procedure, from raising the purchase requisition and the various levels of authorisation, through to the generation of the purchase order then the receipt of the goods, on to matching the invoice and then the payment being sent to the supplier.
Workflow can be enabled to assist with each stage of purchase to pay

Aptos eProcurement

e-Procurement - Requestions

Goods and services can be procured from a number of sources incuding internal catalogues, virtual market place and free format items

Aptos Openlink

Aptos Openlink

Loading data into Aptos is done via our internally developed and maintained system called Openlink. Files can originate for any source and the data is seamlessly loaded into Aptos. The procedure can be done manually or uploads can be scheduled to be activated at a specific time which means that the loads can be scheduled at times when there is minimal processing being undertaken.

Aptos is a highly configurable accounting and procurement software that can be tailored to meet all business demands.  It’s versatile and sophisticated reporting modules allows data to be output in a wide variety of formats to meet any business requirement.  It is extremely scalable from a few users to 100’s. 

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