Data Management

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B-Plan provides a wide range of specifically designed services to manage data

Data Migration

Do you have a requirement for data to be migrated?

  • Updating systems: moving data from a legacy system to a new system
  • Synchronising data: two or more systems need the data to be aligned
  • Acquisitions: moving data across from an acquired system to an existing system
  • Platform upgrades: keeping data on the latest platform
  • Cloud: moving data onto the Cloud
  • Hardware upgrades: transferring data from an existing server to a new server
  • Consolidation: having data in one place

Data Integration

Data integration is the process of combining data from different sources into a single, unified view.

Successful organisations need data to make the right decisions.

Data is transformed into easily understood charts and graphs.

Using well defined processes to transform data into charts and graphs which are simple to view and give the end user the ability to drill down into the data to find out more and ask questions.  The answers to these questions help to make big business decisions.  Data is key to a successful organisation.

Data Management

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